Artist Kevin Weir creates and directs a video for Dark Corners by The Flight.


Communications lines dissolve and a water smuggler navigates a tumultuous, dystopian city on the brink of calamity in this lyrical “low-fi sci-fi” short, the implied set-up to an even bigger story. AI WEIWEI (艾未未) - HU JIANING (胡珈宁) - LI NING (李宁) - BAI YAO (白瑶) 41st Telluride Film Festival World Premiere. …visit http://wishnow.com for more… THE SAND STORM (沙尘暴) jason wishnow


Process timelapse for the painting ‘Escudo’.

Music - ‘Esquimalt Harbour’ by Godspeed You Black Emperor



Skydweller is a portrait of London as seen from the top of Cromwell Tower, one of the three residential towers in the Barbican Estate. This film combines over 5,000 photographs taken from the top of the tower with specially composed music by Tom Rosenthal and poetry by Paul Haworth. Haworth, an artist working in rap, fiction, poetry and performance said “whenever one looks at great cities from high up, it is a beautiful and threatening proposition. Watching this footage, I was fascinated by how wild London appeared. It feels like an entirely economic landscape and yet there is still so much romance in it. Up in the sky, you are always imagining what is going on down there.” With many thanks to the Likierman-Hale family for allowing us to film from their apartment in Cromwell Tower. ————————————— Words: skydweller this one’s for us about us there are no official observations but what about this in love first come those familiar shapes cranes every day different or the same come combat canopy crushed in love you are open coming to life come banksmen required what do you do what do you make the do make do make reasons out of no make-up you make no mistake I make it up as I go I make it up as I go I make it up master dominator cold, light and dark you are watching Nighthawks touch touch take off it’s like everywhere you go you come back come back, Philadelphia come back, Tallinn Doha Belfast Singapore Prague Beirut Tehran Hong Kong Dallas Dubai Vancouver come back come back and kiss kiss Lewisham or in East Ham where is that where’d you go sunrise lovers inside duvet covers for a couple days a week tops so the sheds the roomshares so what what’s left come canvas canopy corrupt in love you are open unfinished or out of focus arts and crafts a work in progress to remember your name my solitude waitress my acting emperor billed as infrastructure to open doors tender cables your face lights up and I’m faithful to every coconut holder to draw a moustache on every statue, bust incapable of grief and if there’s surface damage there’s a surface we’re skimming to money troubles those troubles are mine to troubles in love painted in lustre designed as an end elevation to a finishing touch what holds you up Paul Haworth (Lancaster, 1982) is an artist, working in rap, fiction, poetry and performance. He has written three novels, the Silk Handkerchiefs trilogy, published through TRUE TRUE TRUE. He works at the Barbican Centre as a Host. Skydweller Barbican Centre


Virgil Widrichl’s ‘Fast Film’ is an animated homage to motion pictures, hand-made by folding 65,000 print outs of film frames into three dimensional objects. A woman is abducted and a man comes to her rescue, but during their escape they find themselves in the enemy’s secret headquarters. This classic plot conceals an hommage to action movies. In 14 minutes, ‘Fast Film’ (a play on words, English fast and German fast, meaning “almost”) provides a tour de force through film history, from its silent beginnings to present-day Hollywood.

The filmmakers printed out some 65,000 individual images from 300 films, folded them into paper objects, arranged them in complex tableaux, and then brought them to life with an animation camera in a two-year production process. Winner of 36 international awards.

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How might we imagine a space that can develop an understanding of its users through their sounds and movements and respond accordingly? This installation is an attempt to address this question through the design of an interactive kinetic wall. One of the main contributions of this work is to explore how a physical environment can change its shape in response to recognition of the speech of the users. The central focus is the relationship between materials, form and interactive systems of control. It is an attempt to explore how simple elements in our surroundings can change their physical configuration as we interact with them. The installation consists of ‘skin’ (Spandex), ‘bones’ (aluminum strands), and ‘muscles’ (shape memory alloy springs) augmented with a ‘brain’ (Arduino micro-controller, and Kinect ). Thanks to my friends: Xiaoxiao Dong (Sasha) Sanaz Khosravi Setareh Ordoobadi Anshul Pendse Malika Lim Chia-ching Yang James Hughes The Living, Breathing Wall Behnaz Farahi


Short description: Trees structured as a neural network Axon and Dendrites-branches connecting through multiple forms of synapses. Individually programmed receptors. Flexible synthetic neurotransmitters . Axon terminal with receptive chaos outcome . Post synaptic density calibrated through external sentient impacts. A pan-computational AI-system. This video entitled ‘anxoxna’ depicts six variations of pan-computational synapses. The video will be presented in two formats as a video installation. Physical and Form & Void. This excerpt is from the Physical version. The Form & Void version features the under vegetation of the trees; the roots, rhizomes and underlying connections. Music by Ceephax Acid Crew. “Forest zone 303” from the album Cro Magnox. anxOxna (excerpt) AUJIK


Documentation of a real-time audio-visual performance created for the Sphaerae inflatable dome at Ars Electronica in 2013. This is a square format dome version [without distortion] of a previous work, Hydro Acoustic Study. More images of the performances in the Sphaerae can be found here: http://ift.tt/SKrSZM More images of Hydro Acoustic Study can be found here: http://ift.tt/1puvdXJ Sphaerae.Acoustic.Study [fragment] Paul Prudence


Tracer is the opening track from Symbol’s debut Online Architecture - out 4/8/14 and available on LP (500) / CS (200) / DL (∞) - PHYSICAL: http://ift.tt/14wVE3x - - - - DIGITAL: http://ift.tt/1kyybeZ The video for Online Architecture’s opening meditation Tracer mirrors its aural counterpart in more ways than one. Once again Christopher Royal King (aka Symbol) is found pushing the limits and blurring the lines of analogue and burgeoning technologies to fully realize his beautifully ordered, yet, subtly chaotic aesthetic. Created on an old Tektronix oscilloscope, King achieves ostensibly animate self-organizing wave forms (composed of literal tracers) by fully exploiting the device’s antiquated Rutt Etra video synthesis technology, generating series upon series of ephemeral crystalline light structures that assemble themselves as quickly as they vanish. The video itself is a collage of multiple live-takes of King processing video where all images are generated by the track’s sinewaves, creating completely synced frequency-based-reactions to the opener’s buoyant journey. This performance based approach is much akin to the spontaneous method in which King composed Tracer (live), perpetually welcoming the aid and happy accidents of his assortment of re-contextualized technologies which are allowed to act as both compositional elements and as composers themselves. King’s aptitude for stark yet potent minimalism creates a system of order throughout his video debut that is juxtaposed by an equally conscious effort of meticulously generating a compensatory entropy that stands to sear a lasting image into its viewer’s psychic systems long after its eight minute running time. Video by Christopher Royal King, filmed by Rui Cavender. Symbol - Tracer (from Online Architecture HD022/LLR009) HOLODECK


an· i· so· tro· py : the property of being directionally dependent, as opposed to isotropy, which implies identical properties in all directions. Anisotropic Formations is a proto-architectural exploration of anisotropic aesthetics and structures through vector based 3d printing. Taking inspiration from 3d printed fashion, composite sail manufacturing and experimental application of 6-axis robotics, the project takes the anisotropic approach as both an aesthetic and a fabrication logic. Anisotropic geometry is vector-based and is directionally dependent. Combinations of these vectors result in rich surface and 3d qualities of varied densities, hierarchies and multi-directional layering. There was an imperative to pursue this design research in a post-digital platform, stepping out from the Euclidean flatness of the computer screen onto the non-Euclidean platform of the physical. Plastic extrusion provided direct access to vector geometry in physical space, enriching it with material agency. Flexibility of the scaffold allowed for multiple configurations and other possibilities. The project was realized through a series of iterations that subjected the design agenda to a series of different machining workspaces and digital-to-physical workflows. From Cartesian workspace of a conventional 3d printer to spherical workspace of multi-axis collaborative robotics and from vector based workflows of 3d modeling to motion based work flows of animation. Anisotropic Formations_SCI-Arc 13FA_Testa ESTm Vertical Studio Team: Salvador Cortez / Cheng Lu / Avra Tomara / Nikita Troufanov Instructor: Peter Testa
 Robot Lab Coordinator: Jake Newsum Anisotropic Formations Nikita Troufanov

timekeeper: Experience the journey at timekeeper.undream.net.

Timekeeper is an interactive music experience, Premiered at OFFF2013 Poool.

_UNDREAM facebook.com/undreamers

_MuratPak twitter.com/muratpak
_BaranKesimal twitter.com/barankesimal

_MercanDede twitter.com/mercandede

hvob - always like this (andhim remix):

This also is a remix to the original HVOB video, watch it here: vimeo.com/67571005

Video by lichterloh.tv
Paintings, Artistic Research, Co-Direction: Andrew Mezvinsky
Based on Drawings by: C. Lorrain, H. Bosch, F. Goya,
Rembrandt, A. Dürer, J. Both

Written by Jack Steadman
Produced by HVOB
Mastered by Robin Schmidt


the dream - christian haberkern: 

I had a strange dream the other night…actually, when NYC was covered in snow I didn’t just want to sit inside and watch movies all day, I wanted to make one, so I grabbed my 7D and just started shooting. My goal was to create a story out of random pieces of footage and this is what it turned into.

“Till sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet. … a man who does nothing never has time to do anything” ~ Charles H. Spurgeon


Mocha Pro
Cinema 4D
After Effects

Music: Pilotpriest

Special thanks to John Haley, my bodyguard during the storm ;)

happy campler - the daily drumbeat: Hereby we would like to beat the drum for Happy Camper’s new music video The Daily Drumbeat!

The Daily Drumbeat is a sunny song but it’s lyrics hold a dark threat ‘The drumbeat will beat you up’.
It inspired studio Job, Joris & Marieke to make a dark and sinister animated music video.
The story is set on the rooftops of a big city, where a group of innocent creatures is trying to keep up the pace of a fatal game.

Studio Job, Joris & Marieke previously worked together with Happy Camper on the first music video Born with a Bothered Mind and on the short film MUTE.

Listen to The Daily Drumbeat on Spotify: play.spotify.com/album/3SO6ZoRN7rTu07Z1iXSEmQ



Fuga: fugashortfilm.com


"Sara, who has just arrived at St Cecilia’s Conservatory, will discover there are different ways to interpret each side of the prism from which she perceives her reality and talent."
- Written and directed by Juan Antonio Espigares
- Music composed and conducted by Arturo Díez Boscovich, performed by Orquesta Filarmónica de Málaga
- Produced by K. Mesa. Andale Films.
- 2D/3D Animation Crew:

Victor G. Boto
Alberto Portales
David López
Juan Antonio Espigares

Sound Design and mixing: Francisco Oliva.

MAIN AWARDS: Sitges, Málaga, Kaohsiung, Gulf, Jerry Goldsmith, Aubagne, Court Mètrange, Asecan, Mundos Digitales, Madrid PNR, Ciudad de Ávila, Curt al Pap, Monachil, Torrelavega, labocadellobo, Sant Joan d’Alcant

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Raindance, Heartland, Edinburgh, Warsaw, Siggraph, Seattle, British Animation Film Fest., Atlanta, Interfilm, FICCI, FICG, Tallgrass, Zinebi, Belgrade, BANJA LUKA, Gijón, Jóvenes realizadores, Paris Courts Devant